Mandalas to Paint and Color

How to color and create:
Find a relaxing space. Music is acceptable, as is silence. Sit comfortably, supporting the legs, anticipating the enjoyment of spending time with the self.
Choose a drawing or an empty circle to draw and paint.
Allow the colors and forms to manifest.
Try to set the mind to the side and allow intuition to appear in what is expressed.
Enjoy the silence … be surprised at what happens ... breathe deeply and serenely. Make space inside of your self. 
Forge a dialogue with what appears without judgment. New solutions to old situations may arise. Learn something new about your self.
Painting and creating Mandalas, if you find it enjoyable, can be a sustained practice of relaxation and meditation, a deep encounter with the essential being and the sacred.
Take time for contemplation, for letting the Mandala “speak” is what completes and gives purpose to the work. You may rotate it, give it a title, note the date of it and put it in front of you, letting it whisper…

We hope you enjoy painting and recreating Mandalas with these images to download

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