What are they?

The word Mandala is of Sanskrit origins. “Mand” means essence, and “la” signifies container. Therefore, we can define the Mandala as a circle that contains essence.

If we are observant, we will notice that the universe is organized in a circular formation revolving around a center in permanent interrelation. Analogous with and inspired by nature, Mandalas have accompanied man throughout history and can be found in very different cultures.
Observing, painting and/or meditating with Mandalas permits entry onto a magical path of wisdom. This path leads us back to who we really are, helping us to connect to the Universe of which we form a part.

In moments of crisis or danger, Humanity has returned, in different ways -as it is seen in productions of the natives- to the circular. This natural research of self-regulation sees itself enhanced when on the outside, people don't find answers to the deepest needs of the being.

Its geometric design transmits stability and balance. In this way, we can recover our inborn harmony and creativity.

The Mandala can be used as guidance to locate us in our deepest center and in that way, integrate the different aspects of our life. It can also help us overcome the feeling of disintegration that is so frequently experienced these days.  

As we deepen our knowledge in the Mandala, the potential that is kept in our interior begins to manifest each time with more intensity.

“The bird makes its nest and the spider spins its web. The planets orbit around the sun and the particles spin around the nucleus of an atom. A remote wisdom seems to extend through each and every corner of nature in a circular way. Only a few men – who were also wise – realized that if they created similar shapes and forms, the human spirit would fall into line with the rhythm of the universe. This is how Mandalas were born, sacred designs inspired by the secrets of nature. Modern artists have now added new and varied combinations to traditional Mandalas. This interest in an archaic and deep form is the murmur of salvation, an indication that we are not alone in aspiring to encounter the invisible harmony of a great Geometry.

We thank Julio Sánchez for allowing us to reproduce here his wise words.