Molino del Sol


…a place of meeting and integration of politicians, citizens, businesspeople, professionals, etc. That helps us to find a sense of the individual contribution in the collective…
…recreating the Argentine identity, projecting and concreting paths that favor the totality of the Argentine people…
…an oasis of tranquility, relaxation and nutrition for the body, mind and soul in the midst of the stress and high velocity of daily life in the center of Buenos Aires.

What would happened if the antique Confitería del Molino reopened its doors as a sacred space of encounter between the self and the other. The windmill is like a lighthouse in the center of a city, in the image of a Sun that inspires, illuminates and radiates.

We believe that we can only solve the complex challenges of today with an elevated and REAL perspective.


Give back the brilliance to a place of historical importance, giving it a new significance that respond to the demands of today, providing a point of encounter for authorities, personalities, artists, thinkers, professionals, teachers, politicians and citizens. A place to promotethe exchange of high ideas and network cooperation in order to generate the visions and projects that concrete our way-of-life.

The turning of the sails of the Molino del Sol is a city symbol of the beginning of our movement together in the same direction.


Café - Natural Foods and Drinks
Events, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings
Relaxation and Essential Connection Services
Sale of Books and Artwork that Inspire Internalization
Workshops on Art Therapy with Mandalas
Resting Spaces
If you find our proposals interesting, join us in our dream of ensuring the best for this historical city, Buenos Aires. Imagine the turning sails of the windmill as an Argentine symbol of the uniting of the people to work together towards the same goals.