Adriana Cheyllada - Espacio Anael

Adriana Cheyllada cuerpo

The workshops I develop in Anael Space are both individual and groupal, according to the needs of each individual. They are organized for both children, adolescents and adults. In some cases workshops are organized for the family (father,  mother and child, marriage, grandmother - grandson)

At the workshops,  Mandalas are worked as a simple, effective tool available to all to maintain fluidity and originality in ideas, concentration and creativity, performing theoretical and experiential activities with Mandalas.

With the Mandala you achieve to integrate body, mind and spirit; It is a tool for contemplation and meditation.

Working with Mandalas is very beneficial because it helps develop attention span, self-esteem, and in turn, it is a highly pleasurable task.

In recent years, several exhibitions were organized Mandalas in the Federal Capital and Province of Buenos Aires and Fairs , with the diversity of products created and created by each of the members of the Anael Community.