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Mandala workshops and Creative Development

Exploring the circularity in a container space, we approach mandalas as pure force, deploying all its possibilities. We open the workshops from the senses exploring the infinite ways of perceiving and creating. We recognize the tools we already have for human heredity and deploy each from different techniques: watercolor, oil, colored pencils and graphite; watercolor as the technique of emotion, water; The oil as the technique of matter, of the earth, graphite and mind, air and concrete thinking. These workshops are aimed at strengthening, guide and support the creative development of the being, for this deployment of expression and freedom in the arts .The person takes a journey through their strengths and limitations, their discoveries, the way they see the world so far. The person runs through the circle, inhabits, fills it and lets it also emptied. The being observes and wonders. We travel deep through the circle like the hole where Alice travels to Wonderland. The workshops are provided in the form of Days - regular class attendance and / or via skipe.