Valerie O´Farrell - Centro Fuente buena

Valerie O'Farrel ii

Mandalas open workshop: starts and ends in each encounter, and has the continuity of the participants committed themselves and with the energy of the Mandalas. There is a thread at each meeting, and one year to the next, allowing the deepening of the spirit.
From a group harmonization with sounds and a guided meditation, an internal connection is achieved to express from the bottom of you being, allowing it to flow over the circle drawn on a canson sheet No. 6. Two Mandalas are made, one free and other geometric. The colors of the pastel oils vibrate and inspire the creation of the initial free Mandalas. A space for reflection where each one, if desired, expresses its experience and talks about their mandala is then created.

Deepening workshop: the geometry is emerging and deepening in every encounter. From a basic guide, unique creations are born from the participants. The workshop provides tools to further develop Mandalas at home, at school with students, with children, grandchildren.

We open and close the  experience with circular dances guided by Marta Raquel Garcia, who since 3 years ago collaborates on these proposals.